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What to do when your Washing Machine displays 'IE Error' 2

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  • Washer Dryers, Washing Machines
  • Last Updated 20/08/2014

IE Error 2


 There is a filter located just inside the water inlet connection with it's main function to filter out any solids from the mains water.

 If this filter is clogged then the water will not be supplied correctly. Turn off the water tap and take out the

 hose from the washing machine.

 Try giving the filter a good clean and re-insert it.


How to clean water supply filter
 ① Turn off the tap and unplug the power.
 ② Turn the water supply hose counterclockwise to dissemble it from machine. Then, use a pair of pliers to disassemble

      the filter inside.


[Disassemble filter by long-nose /flier and etc.]


Under running water, wash dirt, iron shaving, and any foreign materials by toothbrush. Clean it and re-insert it.

[Filter rust]


 Clean with toothbrush and reverse step for assembly.

 ※ Note : "IE“ error means water does not fill to 2-Level in 8 minutes.

[Filter rust]




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