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What should I do when my washing machine displays the 'DE' error?

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  • Last Updated 05/06/2015

What should I do when my washing machine displays the 'DE' error?


cause  Cause 
 If the door becomes bent or mis-aligned then it may not close correctly which will give you a DE error code. 

 Also, if the rubber door seal / gasket becomes damaged this too may prevent the door from closing correctly.

 Try not to damage the door catch. If the door has dropped downward slightly, then try lifting the door upwards when closing.

 providing the door has been closed securely your machine will work with no codes. 

how to fix How to Fix

 If no change is made even after you firmly close the door 2-3 times, try cleaning the surrounding rubber gasket

 and close the door again.

 (if still no change then the machine may have to be inspected by a technician.)



[Door catch]


※ How to clean gasket




Clean the area around gasket sealing


Clean the area around sealing of door glass




[Gasket (rubber packing)]




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