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[LG Washing Machine] How to stop water leaking from the bottom of my LG washing machine?


  Check before you continue.

Check if the inlet hose is damaged. This hose allows water to come into the unit.

If the hose is damaged, replace immediately to prevent further damage.

Check if the inlet pipe is loose or disconnected . 

If loosend, reconnect the inlet pipe tightly.


  Drain filter might be clogged, try removing the build up dirt.

 It could be the filter located at the bottom right causing the leak.

1. Get a paper towel or your hand, feel around the area for any wetness around the filter area.  

2. If there's a wetness, turn the drain filter right to remove it from the machine . (Place a tray or a towel under the machine as there may be some excess water.)

3. Clean the filter with water and make sure all the build up dirt is removed.

4. Put the filter back in and close it tightly.

  Things to remember.  

 When plugging the system back together, make sure to put the drain hose plug back into the filter.

It could be the detergent.

 If any water is coming out of the airvent at the back of the unit, this may be caused by an excessive amount of detergent or non-High Efficiency (HE) detergent being used.

 Excessive amount of detergent may cause a mass build up of suds during the wash cycle and cause water leaks. Please use the recommended amount of detergent to prevent this.

If you need any further support, please contact LG Customer Support here.

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