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What does it mean when a noise occurs at an early stage of a load and then gradually decreases?

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  • Last Updated 09/05/2015

What does it mean when a noise occurs at an early stage of a load and then gradually decreases?



cause Cause

        ■ Noise in the beginning may be heard when the product is used again after a long period of time.


           It can also be caused by laundry, or articles being tangled as they are lifted and dropped inside the tub.


           The tub is also located on rollers. They can be pressed down and flattened due to the tub’s weight.


how to fix How to fix


        ■ Even the laundry in the tub.

            Be assured that the noise decreases as laundry are dried. 


           The flattened rollers will slowly recover as the tub starts spinning and noise will disappear.


           Dryer drying

                        Even the laundry


           rollers inside dryer

                                                   Rollers inside dryer

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