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What should I do when my dryer does not work?

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  • Last Updated 07/05/2015
What should I do when my dryer does not work?



cause Cause


       - A dryer can turn off when it is connected to an extension cord, or a amp rating of the cord is 10A. 


       - Child Lock is a protective feature to prevent malfunction due to mistakes or children’s play.

         When Child Lock is engaged, all buttons on the dryer will be locked. 

       - Wrinkle Free feature is a convenient feature when users cannot take out laundry after drying. 
         When this feature is activated, the tub will rotate intermittently for 10 seconds every five minutes
         after drying is complete. It may appear that a cycle is finished. 


       - If a laundry detergent or fabric softener is used with a dryer,

         a short circuit can occur and a circuit breaker may trip.



how to fix How to fix


     - When a number of electric appliances are connected to an extension cord, power may be cut off due to
       overload. It is recommended to connect a dryer into a single grounded power outlet.

     - Buttons on a dryer can be used normally when Child Lock is deactivated

     - Wrinkle Free is a feature to help reduce wrinkles on laundry when it kept in a tub for a long time after drying.

       When engaged, a heater will not work and a drum will rotate intermittently. 
       Progress can be checked on display.

     - Please do not use a detergent or a fabric softener with a dryer.


      child lock activation/deactivation

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