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What should I do to avoid electricity shocks from touching my dryer?

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  • Last Updated 08/05/2015

What should I do to avoid electricity shocks from touching my dryer?


cause Cause


        -  If you feel a weak electric shock when you touch a dryer, it is likely to be static electricity.

           Static electricity usually occurs in dry weather.


         - You may feel a weak electric shock due to electric current that flows along the exterior of dryer or hand grip
           in humid weather, particularly in summer.


how to fix How to fix


         - Please check if the power outlet that power cord is plugged into is grounded
         - If the power outlet is grounded, flip the power cord and try plugging back in.

         - If you still feel electricity even when the power outlet is grounded and power cord is properly connected,
           contact the service center.







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