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Why does ice cream melt in the freezer?

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  • Last Updated 07/05/2015

Why does ice cream melt in the freezer?


symptom  Symptom

            Ice cream melts in the freezer.


cause  Cause


             1. The freezing point of milk is from - 0.525 (31.055℉) to - 0.565 (30.983℉).

               2. Ice cream contains sugar and salt, and these cause freezing point depression,

                   making ice cream more sensitive to temperature than other foods.


how to fix   How to fix

            1. Milk containing a high level of fat (e.g. ice cream) needs to be stored in a freezer  at - 20 (-4℉).

               2. Store ice cream near the air outlet vent, inner part of the shelf, instead of the door to prevent it from melting.


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