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Why does a smell of rubber burning come from the back of the refrigerator?

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  • Last Updated 15/05/2015

Why does a smell of rubber burning come from the back of the refrigerator?

symptom Symptom

             ■ Rubber burning 

cause   Cause

1. Smell of burning rubber can occur for new refrigerators. 
                  Vibration-proof rubber* is attached to reduce the noise from the compressor, 
                  and the heat from the compressor might cause the odour.

2. The odour might be stronger when the refrigerator is used for the first time as the compressor runs longer.

how to fix  How to fix

             The odour will disappear gradually after using a refrigerator for 1-2 months.

             pic 1

             <Compressor vibration-proof rubber>

              * What is vibration-proof rubber?

             Rubber material used to protect the unit from vibrations or impacts.


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