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How to use LG Side-by-Side Refrigerator Ice Makers

How to use the Ice Maker

The LG Side by Side refrigerator features 2 icemakers, the craft ice maker creates slow-melting round ice whilst the in-door automatic icemaker is great for creating plenty of ice cube for your family and your parties.

Ice Maker Guide

Please watch our demonstration video on how to use the Ice Maker.

Craft Ice Maker

If this is the first time using the Craft Ice Maker after installation, or if the refrigerator has not been used for a long time, please throw away the first full bin of ice as the ice may contain bacteria and odour from the water supply line or the water tank.

The Craft Ice Maker creates round ice spheres, which melt slower than normal ice cubes and are exclusive to LG Refrigerators. The Craft Ice Maker can produce up to 6 rounds a day.

1. To choose the amount of Craft Ice you want to make in a day, simply go to the control panel inside your refrigerator and toggle the Craft Ice button. 3 ICE mode will create 3 Craft ice spheres in a day, and 6 ICE mode will create 6.
2. If you want to turn off the Craft Ice maker, leave it at off mode.
3. After 5 seconds, the last mode you have chosen will remain as the set mode.
4. To turn the Craft Ice Maker back on, just press the button and toggle to the mode you want.

The Craft Ice bin can store up to 20-30 pieces of round ice and will automatically stop producing ice when the bin is full.

In-Door Ice Maker

We recommend you throw out the first bin of ice if you have not used the In-Door Ice Maker in a very long time.

1. Slightly lift up the ice bin with both hands and pull it out.
2. Dispose all of the ice safely.
3. To reattach the ice bin, carefully reinsert the ice bin by slanting the top slightly to fit under the Ice Maker and push it in.

Whenever you want some ice cube for your drinks, simply go to your dispenser and select the "ice cube" button by touching the icon on the left. Press the dispenser paddle with a glass or container and enjoy refreshing ice. For crushed ice, touch the icon on the right.

The IceMaker will stop producing ice when the In-Door ice storage bin is full. If you require more ice for bigger occasions, use the dispenser to empty the ice bin. And store the ice container in your freezer. If you want, you can turn the icemaker off by going to the control panel inside your refrigerator, and "Press & Hold" the ice ON/OFF button for 3 seconds.
It is also a good idea to turn the IceMaker off and shut off the water supply before leaving for a vacation.

Express Freeze

If you ever need more ice faster, try the "Express Freeze" function. Express Freeze increases both the amount of ice made and freezing capabilities for 20 hours. To turn Express Freeze on, press the "Express Freeze" button on the control panel inside your refrigerator.

After 20 hours, Express Freeze will automatically turn off. However, if you want to stop the function manually, press the Express Freeze button again to turn it off.

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