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Why can't I register my HomeChat device?

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  • Last Updated 26/05/2015

Why can't I register my HomeChat device?

How to Fix How to Fix

           Smart device requirements

                      . Android : 4.0 Icecream sandwich(at least 1GB Memory needed)

                      . iOS : iOS7 (or later)

  1. For HomeChat device registration, Music Flow Player application needs to be installed to the mobile device to use HomeChat and Speakers should be registered through this Music Flow Player application.
  2. The mobile device used for HomeChat device registration should be connected to the same network with speakers.
  3. Check if the speaker to register HomeChat is shown in the connected speaker list in Music Flow Player application.
  4. Check if the speaker firmware version is the latest one.
  5. Check if router is connected to external network.
  6. If speaker is installed wirelessly and the wireless network environment of the installed location is not good, search for the speaker to register may fail. In such case, try again.



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