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What is NFC and what is it used for?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015

What is NFC and what is it used for?


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 What is NFC?


NFC or Near Field Communication is a set of standards for smart phones and similar devices to establish a connection through radio waves by touching or bringing them into close proximity with each other.


Most commonly used for contactless transactions it can also be used to send data such as pictures, music etc.


In order to use NFC the user will need either one NFC devices (a receiver and a sender) or one NFC device and a NFC Tag.


What is an NFC Tag?


An NFC Tag is a sticker (or sometimes a wristband) that contain small microchips with aerials. These microchips can store a small amount of data to be transferred to another device, i.e. a phone or a TV.


Where do you get NFC Tags from?


NFC Tags are either supplied with an NFC compatible phone or will need to be purchased

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