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Am I able to setup multiple accounts or profiles on one LG G Pad?

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  • Last Updated 05/06/2015

Am I able to setup multiple accounts or profiles on one LG G Pad?



function Function


Owners can add up to eight user accounts (including the owner) to have

their own settings in G Pad.  Menus and preloaded apps are the same for all user accounts. Each user can log into their own account and customize settings and profile, save information separately and download preferred




All users share information about battery, memory use and data use.
Only the owner can access the SD card menu. The menu is hidden for
 other users.
The language setting that one user chooses is applied to all users.
If an alarm is set, it goes off regardless of user.
Your events such as calls, messages and calendars are available only
  when you are logged in.   
When you start printing from Mobile Print, printing continues until 
 completion even if a user is changed.
When user is changed, sending and downloading data terminates
 and your multimedia connection is lost.


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