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How do I setup another user to use my LG G Pad?

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  • Last Updated 17/06/2015

How do I setup another user to use my LG G Pad?


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To add an extra user please follow the instructions below:


1. Tap Settings > System Settings > Users > Add user .
2. Press OK to exit the prompt.    Start Setup Wizard pop-up will display.
3. Select Set up now.   You will be logged out.
4. Swipe to unlock.   You are now logged in as a new user.
5. Follow the Setup Wizard prompts.
6. To log out, press the Power/unlock key .

To log in as a different user:

1. Before unlocking phone, tap the user you would like to log in under.  
2. Unlock the screen (Swipe by default).

Note: It might take some time to change to the selected user.




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