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Why does my battery drain faster/why has phone temperature increased after installing the Facebook/Facebook Messenger App?

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  • Last Updated 06/05/2015

Why does my battery drain faster/why has my phone temperature increased after installing
Facebook/Facebook Messenger App?


symptom Symptom


         Battery drains fast with temperature increase on the device surface after installing

              Facebook / Facebook Messenger App.


how to fix How to fix


      ■  To check whether Facebook / Facebook Messenger is using a lot of battery,    

              Go to Settings > General > Battery > Battery usage.

              Here you can see battery use details showing which components use the most battery.



                  You can change the settings within the Facebook App to reduce it's battery usage.

We'd recommend the following changes:

1. Turning facebook chat off when using Messenger
2. Changing the refresh interval to 'never'

3. Change the messenger location service to 'off by default' in conversations

4. Choosing to 'not sync my photos'


           facebook setting



         ■ Facebook Messenger App          

             Either delete the Facebook Messenger app or push the "Stop" button

              frequently in the battery settings.

             (Settings > General > Battery > Battery usage)


              facebook messanger setting

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