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How do I restore my system on my LG Gram?

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  • Last Updated 01/11/2018

Restoring the System



If the system has an error, you can use Windows 10's recovery function to recover or restore the system to its initial pre-purchase state.




1. Press the [ ] button and select the settings menu


2. When the [Settings[ screen appears, select [Update & Security]


3. Select the [Recovery] menu and press [Get started] to reset this PC.


4. If the following screen appears, select a desired option to proceed with recovery.


Keep my files: Recovers the PC without losing any personal files.
PC settings are reset to the default and any user-installed Desktop app will be deleted.

Remove everything: Removes all items from the system and restores the system to its initial pre-purchase state.


1. When the following screen appears, select [Yes]. (If the screen does not appear, continue to the next step.)


2. Select the options you want to proceed with the recovery.


Just remove my files: Factory-resets the drive where Windows is installed (for example: Drive C).
Remove files and clean the drive: Resets all partitions and drives in the system.





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