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How to setup a wireless connection on the LG Gram

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  • Last Updated 17/11/2018

Wireless LAN


The wireless network (Wireless LAN) is the network environment that connects a PC with the internet provider or company network through an Access Point (wireless or regular router).




Turning On/Off Airplane Mode

Press the [] icon to the right of the taskbar to run the Action Centre and press the [Airplane Mode] tile to turn off the Airplane Mode.


Whenever you press the [Airplane Mode] tile, the Airplane Mode turns on/off. When you are not using the device, it is recommended to turn on the Airplane Mode to reduce power consumption.

Using the Wireless LAN

If an Access Point (wired or wireless router) is in the vicinity of the PC, the wireless LAN can easily be accessed.


During the search for a wireless network (Wireless LAN), various Access Point may be found according to the location where the PC is used.


In case no accessible wireless network (Wireless LAN) is near the PC, no Access Point might be found.


A password protected Access Point cannot be accessed without the correct password.


1. Press the Action Centre [] icon on the right side of the taskbar.




2. Press the [Network] tile to search for a nearby Access Point.







3. Select the Access Point you want to connect to and press [Connect].



4. If a connection is established, [Connected] appears below the Access Point name.


5. Click the Internet Browser icon to check whether the internet is operating normally



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