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Using a Wired / Wireless router with your LG Gram

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  • Last Updated 17/11/2018

Using a Wired/Wireless Router

A wireless/regular router connects several PCs and mobile devices to one internet line and enables the use of internet and the network.


* A wireless/regular router has to be bought separately. Refer to the manual provided by the manufacturer for instructions.


Connecting a Wireless or Regular Router
If one internet line is used with a wired/wireless router and several devices are connected, this may result in a slower connection.

In case of a wireless LAN, it is recommended to change the network name and security settings for a more secure connection.

Network speed can differ according to operation environment and specifications.
1. Connect the internet cable of the modem that was provided by your internet provider to the router's WAN port.

2. Connect all devices (PC, IPTV, internet phone, etc.) with a LAN cable to LAN ports 1 to 4 of the router.

The number of LAN ports can vary for each router model.

3. Please refer to the manual provided by the router manufacturer for setup of the network and Internet




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