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My LG Gram is running too slow, how can I speed things up?

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  • Last Updated 21/02/2019

When the system is slow



These problems occur from overuse of either the storage device (HDD, SSD, eMMC) or the memory.


 * Select a drive you want to clean up (C: or D:) and right-click the drive. In the [Properties] window, click [Disk Cleanup]. In the [Disk Cleanup] tab, select the items to delete and click [OK].


*  Delete all icons not used in the desktop.


*  Run 5 programs or less in the task bar. When there are too many programs in the task bar, the system may become slow due to the workload.


*  Press [] to display the Start menu. From the app list, select [Windows Administrative Tools] > [Defragment and Optimize Drives] > [Optimize].


*  If you installed Windows without using LG Recovery Centre RE, use LG Update Centre or LG DnA Center Plus to install the Chipset Driver. If the Chipset Driver is not installed, the system may become slow.



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