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What is OSP (On-Screen Phone)?

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  • Last Updated 19/05/2015

What is OSP (On-Screen Phone)?

Function Function

OPS (On-Screen Phone) is the service that allows you to view and maipulate your phone remotely via a PC, with the keyboard/mouse input from the PC. YOu can also easily exchange data between the PC and your phone.


1. You can write, send and receive messages (SMS or other messengers) via PC
2. You can treansfer file contents in Gallery, Music, Video Player, Office Viewer from your phone to your PC by drag & drog
3. You can easily transfer files from the PC to your phone by drag & drop
4. You can get real-time event notification from the phone
5. You can see whole pages of Home Screens in Panorama View (Only with LG Home)
6. Multi-touch input using keyboard/mouse



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