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I would like to back up all my data from my Nexus 4, how can I do this?

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  • Last Updated 20/05/2015

I would like to back up all my data from my Nexus 4, how can I do this?


how to How to


PC Suite is not available for the LG Nexus 4, if a customer wants to back up the data they will need to download

Google Drive.


Google Drive is downloadable from the Google Play store and allows the customer access to 15GB worth of storage.

With this application customers are able to back up all their media data and any documents stored on their phone.

They will however not be able to back up their text messages or contacts.


The Google Drive application can be set to back up the data at regular intervals either once a day or once a week.

This can be set and altered by the end user.


If the customer has to reset their phone or they lose the functionality of the screen and wish to access their information, all

they need to do log on to Google Drive (this can be done via the web browser on a PC or via another Android device)

using the same email address and password as they used to access the store on the Nexus.

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