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The SD card is not recognised. What should I do?

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  • Last Updated 24/06/2015

The SD card is not recognised. What should I do?


symptom Symptom


              SD card is not recognised.


cause Cause


              1. Removing the SD card or turning the phones power off during use (data transfer between a MP3 player and a phone,

                  image saving, copying, deleting, formatting, or viewing), stored data can be deleted. 


              2. FAT File System can cause errors thus preventing the SD card from being read.


              3. Space in the external memory may be insufficient to slow down the program and recognition.


              4. Dust or foreign materials on the SD card connector also can be the reason for malfunction.


              5. Pin location and thickness may differ slightly by manufacturer, and may not be compatible.


how to fix How to fix


              1. It is recommended to initialise the SD card on the cell phone before the first use.

                 How to format
                 Go to Settings > Storage >Unmount SD card > Format SD card

              2. Removing the SD card without unmounting it can cause data loss and system malfunction.

                  Please go to Setting>Storage to unmount the SD card first before disconnecting it. 

              3. Do not put stickers on the SD card. It can cause breakdowns when detached inside. 

              4. Try reading the SD card with another phone or a SD card reader. If it is recognised, back up data to the PC and format the SD card.
                  Try again on your phone.


              5.  When the symptom persists, upgrade your phone to the latest version. 

                   If no avail, contact our customer service.

function What is the function of an SD (Secure Digital) Card?


              1. SD (Secure Digital) card is designed to store data of digital cameras and camcorders. 
                  It needs little space and easy to use, and data is not lost when power is disconnected.


              2. It is commonly called external memory and used to provide more storage in addition to the embedded memory.

                  SD card is also a flash memory, but as data is transferred with a slot, the transfer method differs from that used by the embedded memory. 

Recent SDHC cards are an upgraded version of the SD card. It has a capacity of 2 GB,

                  uses FAT32 (File Allocation Table 32) system, and can store data up to 32 GB. 


              4. Transfer speed is classified into class 2,4, 6, and 10. Class 2’s minimum speed is 2 MB/s.

                  For class 10, the minimum speed is 10 MB/s, but the price will go up as well as the speed.


              Difference between SD card and SDHC card

             sd card
              1. The biggest difference between the SD card and SDHC card is the file system.

              2. SD card uses FAT 16 system and SDHC card uses FAT 32 system.

                  SD card cannot recognize files over 2GB, but SDHC can support files size over 2GB.



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