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I'm trying to perform a software update on my LG TV but it keeps stalling, why is this?

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  • Last Updated 26/05/2015

I'm trying to perform a software update on my LG TV but it keeps stalling, why is this?



cause Cause


Often an update for the Smart TV or player will stall and stay at a certain percentage for a period of time. This can be

perfectly normal.


Checkpoint Checkpoint


When updating the firmware via a Smart TVs internet connection there are several things to take into consideration:


• Most updates will be large in size, ranging from anywhere (normally) between 300-500MB. With this in mind you will

need to make sure that the Internet service can support such a large download.  Download and upload speeds need to be

checked, if these are both low the update will take longer to complete.

• Make sure the bandwidth is not being shared too much. The more devices connected and using the internet the

lower the bandwidth will be, this will affect downloads. This will also be the case if the customer has chosen to hide the

update and continue to the use the Smart functions.


Also please make sure that you are looking at the update screen. There have been instances where customers

have not been looking at the software update screen but looking at the main page. The process bar they have been

referring to is the “memory used” bar.

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