LG Electronics strives to minimize the resources used in its business operations, while attempting to decrease the emission of pollutants.

We are committed to enhancing our green management capabilities by securing talented individuals and providing training in all of our facilities and to our business partners.

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Greenhouse Gas/Energy Management

Controlling greenhouse gases during the manufacturing process has become an important issue for companies due to the growing concerns over the global climate change.

LG Electronics acknowledges the importance of taking action against climate change and is actively working to implement initiatives with the goal of reducing greenhouse gases by 75,000 tons by 2012 and 150,000 tons by 2020.

We are continuously enhancing our production energy efficiency through the optimization of the manufacturing system and process, while establishing a greenhouse gas inventory for each facility.

Efforts to enhance production are being carried out at each facility based on its individual characteristics. We are actively striving to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the entire manufacturing process.