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The New LG Multi V i Elevates HVAC with AI Technology


Key features of Multi V i

AI-based technology is changing our world in profound ways. What was once technology we could only hope to see in a science-fiction movie has quickly become essential in nearly every aspect of our lives. LG’s own highly evolved AI engine is bringing AI technology to the forefront of the HVAC industry in the new LG Multi V i. The application of AI-based features in the Multi V i is reducing energy consumption, streamlining maintenance and service, optimizing comfort, and improving overall year-round performance. All this is possible while maximizing convenience for customers and delivering quieter environments in office buildings, schools, shopping centers, apartment buildings, and hotels. Let’s take a look at how AI technology and the Multi V i is making it happen.

AI Smart Care

Did you ever think an HVAC system could understand a building even more than the building’s occupants? The Multi V i’s sophisticated AI engine enables AI Smart Care to leverage spatial and situational learning. This learning makes it possible to optimize operation by adjusting cooling or heating power according to several variables (including the number of people in the room) and detect humidity levels as well as indoor and outside ambient temperature. This enables the product to improve energy savings by up to 24.7%.1) Meanwhile, AI Indoor Space Care helps maintain a steady temperature and reduce energy consumption by automatically turning on indoor units in occupied areas and turning them off in unoccupied areas.


1) Tested internally following KS Test Standard (KS B ISO 15042:2006) using 24 horsepower (HP) model Multi V i. Results may vary depending on the applied model, local temperature, and actual environment.

Key features of Multi V i

AI Energy Management

For both economic and environmental reasons, efficient management of energy is a growing concern for consumers. AI Energy Management allows users to set energy consumption targets, which can help to lower the overall power usage of the Multi V i.

Noise Target Control

The Multi V i not only makes indoor environments more comfortable but also helps to enhance the comfort of those living in neighboring buildings or houses. Users can set an operational noise limit (from 50 to 70 decibels2)) in advance to ensure that the sound produced by the outdoor unit does not exceed the level of volume they’ve specified.

2) Available settings are 50, 55, 60, 65 and 70 decibels.

Weather Information Interlocking Control

Multi V i has the customer in mind in any conditions. Providing smart performance and convenience, the Weather Information Interlocking Control feature of LG’s VRF solution automatically selects custom operation modes – including Automatic Pre-heating and Automatic Snow Removal – based on the weather conditions.3) Automatic Pre-heating allows users to enjoy a warm indoor environment even on the coldest days of the year by automatically heating the room in advance, while Automatic Snow Removal prevents snow from accumulating and freezing on the outdoor unit.

3) The Weather Information Locking Control can be used by connecting the AccuWeather app to the ThinQ server. Results may vary depending on the applied model, local temperature and actual environment.

Powerful Performance

Smarter operation and applications lead to more powerful performance. Boasting powerful, dependable performance even in extreme weather conditions, the Multi V i has surpassed its predecessor, the Multi V 5, to become the most energy-efficient LG VRF solution yet.4) The unit’s newly designed biomimetic fan and an enhanced air-flow path combine to reduce fan-motor power consumption5), resulting in improved energy savings. LG’s outstanding, new model can provide fresh, comfortable indoor air in any season, working at full cooling capacity up to 43 Celsius6), and full heating capacity in temperatures as low as negative 10 Celsius.7)

4) 15% increase in energy efficiency compared to LG Multi V 5 (8HP) according to Energy Efficiency Rating (EER). Tested by Eurovent using testing models ARUM080LTE6 (Multi V i) and ARUM080LTE5 (Multi V 5). Results may vary depending on usage environment.
5) Power consumption of model RPUX202X9E (Multi V i) reduced by 12% compared to model RPUW20GX9E (Multi V 5).
6) The Multi V i can provide reliable cooling operation in temperatures (outdoor) ranging from negative 15 to 52 Celsius (dry-bulb) and can operate at the full capacity in temperatures as high as 43 Celsius (dry-bulb). Based on LG Multi V i performance data in LG’s Product Data Book (PDB).
7) The Multi V i can provide reliable heating operation in temperatures (outdoor) ranging from negative 30 to 18 Celsius (wet-bulb) and can operate at the full capacity in temperatures as low as negative 10 Celsius (wet-bulb). Based on LG Multi V i performance data in LG’s PDB. Results may vary depending on the applied model, local temperature and actual environment.

AI Smart Up

The Multi V i’s AI engine powers a variety of smart features, such as Auto Tuning and Remote Upgrade, which help to improve convenience and the overall user experience. The Auto Tuning system automatically tunes the compressor and motor during initial installation or when they need replacing, allowing for faster and easier setup and servicing. Meanwhile, with the Remote Upgrade system, LG’s VRF solution can be automatically updated to the latest software version without an on-site service visit. Furthermore, the Multi V i offers AI Smart Diagnosis, which provides automated system analysis and easy-to-read status reports to help reduce service times and boost reliability.


Through LG’s exceptional AI engine, the Multi V i is providing enhanced energy-savings, more pleasant indoor environments, and remarkable convenience. The future of HVAC has arrived in the Multi V i and LG is committed to delivering cutting-edge HVAC solutions through advancements in AI and other industry-leading technologies.

*Products and solutions may vary according to country and operating conditions.

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