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With rising energy prices and initiatives to implement better heating solutions, more and more customers are looking to install heat pumps in their homes and small businesses. Air source heat pumps are quickly becoming a popular solution for heating and hot water. While customers will benefit from the efficiency of air-source heat pumps like the LG Therma V, LG smart control systems can maximize the benefits of heat pump solutions. In addition, they boast comprehensive diagnostic and preventive maintenance features that allow you to provide overall superior service. Let’s explore how LG smart control solutions can help customers and installers get the most out of the Therma V heat pump solution.



Anywhere, anytime: how LG ThinQ makes customers’ life easier

Smarter HVAC control systems not only help customers reduce energy costs, but also improve their comfort and convenience. Indeed, LG ThinQ connectivity offers customers comprehensive monitoring and control over their heating system.

On the one hand, its monitoring function includes not only energy monitoring but also ESS monitoring, and tracking of the current temperature in real-time. On the other hand, its control function enables customers to turn on and off their heat pump, set its temperature, select an operation mode, and even schedule reservations whether for a Silent Mode or to plan ahead your heat pump operation time. And the cherry on top? All of this is available to customers anytime from anywhere!

From a financial perspective, ThinQ helps customers manage and control their energy use wisely thanks to the mentioned system monitoring. The access to their real-time energy usage and aggregated energy usage enables customers an optimal use of their heat pump. Besides, some customers might possess an energy storage system (ESS) that enables them to store the energy they produce. For those customers, ESS monitoring is a service worth emphasizing as it greatly improves energy efficiency. Indeed, the energy level of the ESS is displayed so that the customer is aware at all times of their ESS status.

In addition, ThinQ can be controlled through AI assistants such as Google or Alexa. This makes for an integrated tool that allows customers to expand the benefits of their heat pump system and enjoy a complete smart home experience through LG appliance connectivity. LG ThinQ simplifies life by providing access to all appliances from one place without multiple control systems.



Three main functions of the ThinQ application


*Google assistant voice control and Alexa voice control may be restricted in use and language in some countries.


Time and Cost-efficient: how LG BECON cloud service makes installers’ job easier

Service providers that wish to improve their customers’ experience, this is for you. What if you could provide your clients with remote maintenance or directly come equipped with the right parts for a repair in one visit?

LG BECON cloud service provides just that: a cloud-based digital monitoring platform that allows service providers to monitor, interact and change the parameters of their clients’ heat pump, remotely.

Why does LG BECON benefit you, a service provider? To begin with the most obvious advantage, the service allows you to save time and reduce costs. Indeed, the number of business trips required is consequently reduced as most of the monitoring is available at all times through the platform. Besides, thanks to remote maintenance, you’re able to help your customers without physical interaction with the product for minor issues: whether it involves changing the set temperature or the operation mode.



BECON cloud service monitoring screen

BECON cloud service #1. Regular Site Monitoring



Besides, error diagnosis is a walk in the park as the cause and parts needed can be identified ahead through the available data. In other words, if an issue occurs, no pre-visit is needed for diagnosis, and you can directly come with the right parts for the repair in a one-time visit. Customers are at peace knowing that if an issue arises, an immediate and top-notch service will be provided to them without the inconvenience of a pre-visit, call to a service center, or days of waiting time.



BECON cloud service monitoring screen

BECON cloud service #2. Site Control



Consequently, it enables you to offer a top-quality service to your customers with a more accurate diagnosis and faster repair. Indeed, nothing is more important than service efficiency in the case of a heating system’s failure: no one wants to wait more than a few days for hot water. Faster and more convenient repair is then a key competitive advantage for service providers.



BECON cloud service monitoring screen

BECON cloud service #3. Cycle Monitoring



Accessible via PC, tablet, and mobile, this cloud-based tool revolutionizes the service you provide to your Therma V’s customers. BECON cloud users are automatically notified by emails about occurring issues, able to access basic adjustment control functions, and aware of their customers’ heat pump operation via real-time and aggregated data.



If you're a service provider or installer looking for resources on how to use your LG BECON cloud service, we provide a video that explains the basic operation of the platform.



LG Smart Control Solutions such as ThinQ for heat pump owners and BECON for service providers exist to facilitate the adoption, management, and maintenance of heat pumps. From anywhere, at any time, heat pump owners can operate their system and take advantage of the benefits of LG ThinQ. Similarly, service providers can access and aggregated data and can control the basic functions of their customers’ heat pumps for a reliable and convenient maintenance service thanks to LG BECON. Help your worried customers switch to heat pumps by providing them with the right tools to ease their minds!

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