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LG BECON cloud Drives HVAC Maintenance Service


Just as it takes an immense amount of effort to develop a complex system, maintaining that system to ensure it performs to its potential takes a lot of work. But when it comes to maintaining LG HVAC solutions, LG has their customers covered with the power of LG BECON cloud. LG BECON cloud provides customers with essential maintenance solutions that allow customers to make the most of their HVAC systems throughout the life of their LG products. From basic inspection to complete system overhaul and everything in between, LG offers precise coverage to match each customer’s needs.

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One-Stop Maintenance Service



One of the biggest advantages BECON cloud offers to customers is rapid maintenance and repair service. Not only can BECON cloud detect system irregularities, but it also uses data analysis to provide solutions. When an issue is detected by BECON cloud, maintenance engineers can immediately leap right into action to address any problem. Engineers receive notification of any system irregularities as well as suggested solutions based on big data analysis to address the problem. At this point, engineers have a comprehensive set of information about the system, including system history, so they can be prepared with the tools and information to repair the system even before they’ve been dispatched. This not only saves time by eliminating extra trips to the customer site but also saves money by ensuring shorter system downtime.

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Real-time Remote Access



BECON cloud also allows customers access to convenient and effective monitoring and control of their overall systems. With this access, customers can stay on top of the operation of each unit within their system and optimize performance remotely through their PC or mobile device. Whether an indoor unit is left on at night or a system component is malfunctioning, customers can receive notifications or monitor and control each individual component of the system. In addition, precise scheduling can be managed by customers to improve comfort within their facility and maximize efficiency based on their system usage patterns. Customers can also receive notifications on the status of the maintenance process and updates on system status for a more intuitive maintenance solution.

All history data of the device is constantly updated to and stored on the BECON cloud

Streamlined Performance and Efficiency



Data from each HVAC system is collected so that every aspect of each system is readily available. With all the data collected, BECON cloud is able to use big data analysis to assess the performance of each system and pinpoint any abnormalities or issues that have occurred while providing customized energy modeling capabilities. This analysis also allows BECON cloud to predict issues with each system that may occur in the future. Once issues have been identified, customers can be alerted and LG engineers can begin to take action as quickly as possible and limit downtime while maintaining optimal system efficiency. The overall impact of AI based BECON cloud data analysis optimizes comfort and energy consumption while simultaneously reducing maintenance times and minimizing CO2 emissions.


The advantages offered by LG maintenance through BECON cloud are clear. This offering is the smart choice for streamlined maintenance and troubleshooting service, remote system access optimal efficiency.

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