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LG R1 Compressor, the Game Changer


What’s the real backbone of an HVAC system? Many elements go into an HVAC system. However, the backbone of an LG HVAC system is the compressor. The compressor of an HVAC system is like the engine of a car. The operation of the engine determines how the car will perform just as the operation of a compressor determines how the HVAC system will operate. Throughout this article, we will discuss the function of a compressor, and how LG’s innovative R1 Compressor can upgrade our HVAC systems.

Q. What does a compressor do?



In a nutshell, a compressor works by drawing in cool, low-pressure refrigerant from indoors and pressurizes it to increase its temperature above the temperature outdoors. Traditionally, The constant speed compressor operates in an ON/OFF fashion as the room temperature reaches the set temperature. This sort of operation results in large fluctuations in the room temperature and wastes energy during the frequent ON/OFF operation as the compressor either works on full capacity or turns off.

Q. Then, what is an inverter compressor?



A compressor with inverter technology can run at variable speeds to improve efficiency. Variable-speed operation not only keeps us comfortable but also reduces energy consumption by up to 70% compared to conventional constant-speed (ON/OFF) compressors. Inverter technology is also particularly efficient at low loads’ operation while continuing to maintain the desired temperatures.

Q. What sets the R1 Compressor apart?



The shaft-through structure of the R1 Compressor eliminates tilt at low loads and makes bottom compression possible. When the compression process happens at a lower part within the compressor, the compressor operates with more stability and improves the overall efficiency. The more stable operation also reduces vibration and translates to a lower noise emission, particularly at low-load operation. As a hybrid scroll compressor, the R1 combines the smooth and efficient operation of a scroll compressor with the simplicity of a rotary compressor.

Shaft-through structure

Eliminates tilt when operating at low loads and makes bottom compression possible.

Hybrid Scroll

Combines aspects of scroll and rotary type compressorsProvides high efficiency while reducing noise emission.

Bottom Compression

Ensures stability at low-load operation and improves efficiency.

Oil-Refrigerant Separation

The R1 Structure simplifies the oil-refrigeration process and improves overall system durability and reliability.

Vapor Injection

Provides 2-stage compression effect for improved heating performance even at extremely low out door temperatures.

In addition to increased efficiency, the R1 Compressor also brings durability and flexibility to the application of LG Smart Inverter systems. The R1 structure simplifies the oil-refrigerant separation process and improves overall system durability and reliability. With the more durable operation of LG Smart Inverter air conditioners, customers will experience fewer maintenance calls and enjoy a longer lifespan for their products. R1 Compressor performance also allows it to operate within a broader range of conditions. Vapor injection provides a 2-stage compression effect for improved heating performance even at extremely low outdoor temperatures. The smaller and lighter form factor makes the installation of the R1 Compressor easier and helps reduce the overall footprint of products where it is implemented as well. So, the R1 Compressor brings value to customers beyond efficiency and savings to include reliability and more flexible performance.

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