Things to Consider When Replacing Your Old, Costly HVAC System




The typical lifespan of an HVAC system is around 15 to 20 years.* Nevertheless, after years of regular use, the efficiency and performance of an HVAC system naturally decreases overtime. Fortunately, there are signs that signal that the efficiency and performance of your HVAC system may be in decline. Mark how many symptoms your HVAC system is experiencing from the checklist below.

*Actual lifespan of HVAC systems can vary depending on environment and other factors. [Source] ASHRAE Equipment Life Expectancy chart

Signs That You Need a New HVAC System



How many of these signs are you experiencing? If you are experiencing several of the signs from the checklist, it might be time for you to consider replacing the HVAC system. In particular, if operating costs are continuously increasing, it is time to make a decision.

If you want to reduce the HVAC operating costs by replacing your old, system, it is essential to check whether your candidate system is an inverter system or not. We often hear that the cost of an inverter HVAC system is slightly more expensive than the constant speed system, but improved system efficiency will eventually offset the initial investment costs. This is because inverter technology offers unparalleled performance, efficiency, reliability, and durability over traditional compressors.

◼ Reduced Energy Consumption
Compared to conventional fixed-speed compressors, a variable-speed operation of the inverter reduces energy consumption significantly. Inverter technology is particularly efficient at low operations loads, while maintaining the desired temperature level.






With LG’s ultimate inverter compressor, you could go even further to reduce your energy cost by leveraging diverse innovative technologies such as HiPOR™ and Smart Oil Management

Problems related to oil return have long plagued HVAC systems, holding solutions back and keeping them from reaching their full potential. HiPOR™ solves this problem by returning oil directly to the compressor, helping resolve one of the most fundamental HVAC inefficiencies.






LG's Smart Oil Management feature uses sensors to check the compressor’s oil balance in real-time, reducing unnecessary oil recovery operations. The advanced system employs an oil balancing and returns algorithm which works in tandem with the sensor to reduce power consumption.

◼ Strong Climate Control Performance
Inverter compressors allow HVAC systems to reach the desired temperature faster. Once the desired temperature has been met, the variable-speed inverter compressors adjust to maintain the target temperature precisely without fluctuation. This will save overall energy usage, in comparison to constant speed compressors that only run at 0% or 100% power.

◼ Improved Durability
More durable structures and components translate to fewer maintenance efforts and a longer lifespan for the motor, which eventually lowers operating costs as well. LG's inverter compressor has an enhanced bearing system with PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) – an advanced material normally used in airplane engines – this efficient infrastructure allows the system to operate within sustained periods of time without any oil.

◼ Reliable Heating Performance
Inverter compressors can provide reliable heating even in harsh temperatures using a wide range of operations. In addition, LG’s advanced Vapor Injection technology employs the latest two-stage compression approach to provide efficient heating in cold environments without increasing the power bill.






◼ Quiet Operation
An exhausted HVAC system can become a daily irritation, when a noisy motor is constantly switching on and off. LG’s inverter compressors, however, are optimally designed to operate at low noise levels.

Up until this point, we have discussed the advantages of an inverter HVAC system and why it is a great option to invest in. LG HVAC presents a full lineup with inverter systems ranging from VRF, single split, multi-split, and packaged units to chillers. However, this advanced inverter technology is not the only thing that makes LG HVAC solutions special. Let’s consider other innovations that make LG solutions efficient in cost savings.

◼ Designed for the Ultimate, Multi V 5

LG MULTI V 5 is LG’s flagship VRF model that incorporates advanced technologies to provide optimal energy efficiency while simultaneously reducing operational costs.






Multi V 5 has many efficient features in addition to the LG inverter benefits mentioned above. One of these features is Dual Sensing Control. Unlike conventional air conditioners, which only regulate temperature, the MULTI V 5 is equipped with Dual Sensing Control that senses temperature and humidity levels to manage cooling and heating efficiently. Ultimately, this function affords optimal energy efficiency when maintaining indoor comfort levels.

Typical VRFs normally fluctuate considerably to sustain a constant indoor temperature, which makes them highly inefficient. Nevertheless, efficient systems like Smart Load Control make it possible to control the outdoor unit’s discharge refrigerant temperature, which increases energy efficiency.

◼ The Modern Chiller Solution, Inverter Scroll Chiller

LG's inverter scroll chiller can be a good alternative if you are currently using a water-based chiller system. The LG Air-Cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller is an excellent example of a modern solution. It uses LG Multi V's superior technologies, such as the ultimate inverter compressor and Dual Sensing features, that lead to reduced energy costs. Yet, with the Inverter Scroll Chiller system, you can still utilize the existing water piping.





LG Air-cooled Inverter Scroll Chiller is equipped with twin inverter compressors that are implemented in VRF products and grants a wider operation range from 15Hz to 120Hz.

Unlike water-cooled solutions that are often complex, the streamlined Inverter Scroll Chiller from LG allows for far more efficient space utilization. In addition to simplifying installation and decreasing the solution’s footprint, its modular design allows for an easy system expansion later. And an easy system expansion means an overall reduction in HVAC operating costs.

◼ The Whole Package, Inverter Single Packaged

If you are using a packaged system in your commercial building, such as a shopping mall, you should consider the LG Inverter Single Packaged. It supports various operational ease and durability while retaining all of LG's unique inverter technology. The Single Packaged solution comes with two inverter compressors that optimize system efficiency and reduce energy consumption by adjusting the power supply to match the required operation load.






With its energy efficiency, the Inverter Single Package proves itself the optimal fit for building owners and managers. With the Direct Drive Fan Motor, the installation process is simplified, maintenance becomes easier, and repair costs are reduced since there is no need to adjust the pulley and belt or periodically inject grease.

LG’s Inverter Single Packaged is equipped with Dual Sensing Control as well. Colder air is discharged for quick heat elimination on wet summer days and milder air is discharged to make the room fresh on dry summer days. This function prevents excessive and unnecessary cooling and reduces energy consumption, while providing ideal air conditions.


As a forerunner in the inverter technology, LG’s full lineup of inverter HVAC products will bring high satisfaction to consumers regarding reduced HVAC operating costs. In addition to the outdoor units, LG offers a variety of solutions to increase indoor air quality with air purification and ventilation if your HVAC system upgrade includes indoor units. Altogether, an overall system upgrade of both the outdoor and indoor units to the highly efficient LG HVAC will lower operating costs and provide better air quality for your tenant’s well-being.

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