LG OLED Shines at Frieze Seoul as ‘OLED ART World Tour’ Continues

With Superior, Self-lit Picture Quality, LG’s Latest OLED TVs Continue the Journey to
Highlight the Intersection of Fine Art and Innovative Technology at Influential Art Fair

LG OLED Shines at Frieze Seoul as ‘OLED ART World Tour’ Continues

SEOUL, Aug. 29, 2022 — LG Electronics (LG) is showcasing the incredible image quality of the company’s OLED TVs and exciting, new possibilities for artistic expression as the LG OLED ART project comes to Frieze Seoul (September 2-5). Since establishing the LG OLED ART project, LG has created an unprecedented synergy with many artists worldwide, building a new trend in the art and technology world and the company’s OLED TVs have been the perfect digital canvases for memorable art world collaborations.

As part of the LG OLED ART project, the OLED ART World Tour, which has visited various regions including New York, London, Venice and Basel, continues its inspiring, international voyage of innovation and creativity at Frieze Seoul.



LG’s OLED TVs have featured in the work of several high-profile artists and have been exhibited at top galleries and renowned art events worldwide. The next stop on the OLED ART World Tour will be Frieze Seoul, which will mark the first time Frieze has taken place in Asia – and the second time LG has collaborated with the esteemed British-Indian artist, Anish Kapoor.



As it was during Art Basel 2022 in June, Kapoor’s experiential digital art will be showcased on the stunning LG SIGNATURE OLED R at Frieze Seoul. Kapoor’s mesmerizing digital works – which feature three-dimensional, abstract shapes with slowly shifting and gorgeously saturated colors – harmonize perfectly with the immaculate picture quality of LG OLED and the unique form factor of the company’s one-and-only rollable TV; delivering something extraordinary for art-lovers to enjoy in the South Korean capital.



And, as part of the ongoing LG-Kapoor collaboration, the LG SIGNATURE OLED R Anish Kapoor Edition will also be on display during Frieze. The exclusive, special-edition model includes Kapoor’s media artwork and comes with a numbered certificate and the artist’s signature.



LG has also teamed up with prominent American sculptor, Barry X Ball, who will be showing his first-ever NFT artwork at the event. Known for producing eye-catching sculptures that merge the contemporary and the classical, Ball has transformed some of his physical creations into 3D digital images complete with incredible detail and ‘surfaces’ one can almost feel.



Visitors to Frieze Seoul can admire the artist’s sculptural NFT artworks on LG’s state-of-the-art OLED evo TVs, which accurately reproduce the textures and colors of the materials – including precious metals and gemstones – used in Ball’s original sculptures. Offering higher brightness, clarity and detail, LG OLED evo delivers exceptionally lifelike images that practically jump off the screen.



Among the company’s advanced TVs displaying artwork at Frieze Seoul are the elegant LG OLED Objet Collection Easel and LG OLED Objet Collection Posé. The two aesthetically-pleasing models form part of LG’s latest innovative lifestyle OLED TV lineup. Perfect for complementing – and displaying – works of art, the Easel and Posé look right at home in the most sophisticated galleries and art museums.



LG continues to offer enriching art experiences all around the globe, hosting exclusive exhibitions and events that make clear the intrinsic link and undeniable harmony between art and technology. Its OLED ART project continues to produce memorable artist collaborations that are helping to expand the definition of art while also providing inspiring, new customer experiences. At Frieze Seoul, LG will once again honor its commitment to elevating art and lifestyles through the self-lit picture quality of its peerless OLED TVs. Every digital artwork brought to life by LG OLED will be uploaded to the project website as they are unveiled, so that art enthusiasts and OLED fans around the world can enjoy them anytime, anywhere.

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