Derma LED Mask
  • 120 LEDs thoroughly take care of your skin from the inside
  • Improve your skin tone and elasticity simultaneously
  • Only 9 minutes a day to make your skin more radiant
  • Wear-sensing sensor
  • Eye protection design
  • FDA-cleared efficacy and safety
Derma LED Mask
Reddot design award winner 2018

Red Dot Design Award

LG Pra.L LED Skincare Set - Winner in Product Design Award

Derma LED Mask

120 LEDs thoroughly take care of your skin from the inside
* RED LED : Red LED light with 600-700nm wavelengths, IR LED : Infrared LED light with 800-900nm wavelengths
* What is “Core Elasticity”? It is the fundamental skin elasticity indicator developed by LG Pra.L, integrating the elasticity level and pores in each area of the skin.
* What is LG Pra.L's solution for young and firm skin? We divided face into evenly distributed specific zones by major skin concern and LED lights are placed to generate maximum effects of the LED mask.
* Areas where the skin is thin, such as the forehead, or areas that are not supported by bone structures such as eye rim and nose are relatively vulnerable to wrinkles caused by loss of elasticity.
* This is a stock photo.
* Used together with functional moisturizing gel / June 7, 2017 - July 20, 2017 / 26 female adults / P&K Skin Clinical Research Center Co., Ltd.
* Results may vary according to personal skin characteristics or skin care products used together.
* This is a skincare device that does not fall into the category of medical equipment.
* Class 2 510 (K), Product Code: OHSN/A
* The wrapping effect may differ for each user.
* With one-time daily usage, you can use it for about 7 days once fully charged. (70 consecutive minutes, 9 minutes per day)
* Language setting: To change language, hold the power button and level button simultaneously while the device is on.
* To turn off the voice guidance or switch to the sound effect mode, hold the power button when the device is on.

Simple visual guidance

* If you have allergic skin, are undergoing skin related treatment or are in a recovery period after a surgery, we recommend using the product after consulting with your dermatologist.
* Pregnant or breast-feeding women are not recommended to use this device.


  • Color of Mask
    Transparent Purple
  • Dimension of Mask (W x H x D)
    180 x 217 x 110mm
    Net Weight


  • Operation Time
  • Red LED


  • Sound Guide
    Voice, Beep, Mute
    Voice Guide Language
    English, Cantonese, Mandarin
  • Proximity Sensor
    LED Indicator
  • Button
    Power On/Off, Start/Pause
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