LG top freezer refrigerator

Explore the advanced features available on many LG top freezer fridges: Fresh 0 Zone: This specialised zone has a front cover, which isolates the area and helps it maintain a lower consistent temperature that keeps food fresher for longer. Detachable Ice Maker: Select top freezer refrigerators have a detachable icemaker that provides you with more freezer space when you need it most. BioShield™: A top freezer fridge with antimicrobial BioShield-treated door seals is less susceptible to mould, which can distort the refrigerator’s seal and impact the appliance’s performance. LED Lighting: Many of our top freezer fridges feature Eco LED lighting, which is up to 12 times more efficient than traditional incandescent lighting. Vitamin Plus: When you choose a top freezer fridge with Vitamin Plus, you’ll get a special kit to help prevent the oxidisation of fresh fruits and vegetables and supplies them with vitamins, helping to extend their shelf life.

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