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With an array of resource-saving features, our home appliances can help add style and functionality to your space. Style: In an array of colors, and boasting sleek LED display panels, and intuitive controls, LG appliances, including our vacuums, laundry solutions and kitchen appliances, are designed to fit your space and show off your style. Innovation: With advanced features and thoughtful designs, our innovative home appliances include front- and top-load washers and dryers, and sleek kitchen appliances and ergonomically designed vacuums that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle. Eco-friendly: At the forefront of our designs is engineering that reduces energy and water consumption. Save on your electric bill with our large (and ultra-large) capacity laundry appliances that allow you to wash and dry more clothes in less time. You can also breathe easier with our vacuums’ built-in HEPA filters that help capture and contain dust and dirt particles. From washers and dryers, to kitchen appliances and vacuums, LG offers an array of highly-efficient home appliances with a host of advanced resource-saving technology that makes cleaning faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Select from front-load washers with 6Motion™ technology that provides a revolutionary cleaning experience and high-capacity dryers that allow you to dry more in less time. And then there’s the advanced suction technology and unrivalled range of motion of our vacuums that are engineered to fit the spaces you clean.

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