Cook Healthy Food with the Latest LG Microwave Ovens

Cook Healthy Food with the Latest LG Microwave Ovens


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Cooking can be fun with microwave ovens. Not only is this electronic equipment convenient to use, but it can also help in making delicious healthy recipes. Whether you lack access to a full kitchen or you are short on time, you can prepare a variety of vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes in a healthy manner.


The state-of-the-art technology – Charcoal Lighting Heater used in our range of charcoal microwave ovens can bring out the authentic smoky taste from the good old days while keeping the juiciness and tenderness intact. LG Charcoal healthy ovens also come with 30 heart-friendly recipes certified by the Heart Care Foundation of India.


Moreover, our range of convection microwave ovens can offer you the finest way to a guilt-free indulgence. You will be able to cook tastier food in a shorter time. In this article, let us focus on the key features and some of the reasons why you should go for LG microwave oven.

Reasons to Buy LG Microwave Ovens

• Charcoal Lighting Heater

The charcoal lighting heater in the oven offers a uniform cooking in healthy way. This helps maintain the original charcoal flavour and makes every recipe juicy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.


• Healthy Heart Recipe


 We at LG bring you the latest range of Lightwave Convection Microwave Ovens that offer you a healthy way of cooking and the finest way to guilt-free indulgence. You can make tastier, all-natural dishes in a shorter time. It has 30 Heart Friendly Recipes certified by Heart Care Houndation Of India.


• Minimalistic Design

Our range of microwave ovens is nowhere near cumbersome or complicated. In fact, NeoChef series offers an attractive uni-body design. They are elegant in appearance and have a minimalistic design.


• 360 Degrees Rotisserie

Our latest range of microwave ovens offers unique 360 degrees rotating rotisserie feature. With the automated rotation, you will not have to flip the food. Moreover, it retains nutrition and cooks food from all sides. No more uneven cooking of food with LG microwave ovens.




• 401 Autocook Menu


With the 401 Autocook menu feature, you can flex your culinary muscles easily. A simple touch can allow you to cook complicated dishes. The autocook menu is made to fulfil Indian requirements of preparing dishes such as Indian Gravies, bread, pasteurization of milk, ghee, and much more. You will be able to make crispy and delicious snacks with minimal oil usage.


• Diet Fry

There is no denying that Indian food is delicious, but the methods may involve deep-frying. With the diet fry feature, you can cook delights such as chips, cutlets, french fries, samosas, and corn balls with upto 88% less oil. This feature can be very useful if you are a health-conscious person.


• Stainless Steel Cavity


The latest range of microwave ovens has stainless-steel cavity. This unparalleled feature enhances the overall performance of the device. It helps in cooking more hygienic food. It is completely free of rust, easy to clean and highly durable.


Make the Right Choice!


Surprise your loved ones by making them a variety of cuisines from around the world. The auto-cook menu is the largest in the industry and comes with the pre-set temperature and cooking time. You just need to press start, and you will have something new on your table every day.


By bringing our latest range of microwave ovens into your home, you will feel no less than a chef. We at LG don’t just sell electronic products but also make a promise to help our customers at every step of the way. Our products are top-rated among customers in terms of satisfaction and reliability. Feel free to visit our website to explore a number of options that can make cooking easier than ever.


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