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5 Factors To Keep In Mind While Comparing Microwave Price


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    Microwave ovens are known for their comfort and convenience, which is all we look for in today’s world of hustle. From merely being an appliance helpful for heating our coffee and cold food to now becoming efficient in multitasking and doing much more than just reheating, it has become an essential part of our kitchens.  

    The moment you step into a store or an online platform to buy a smart microwave oven, there is an abundance of choices with amazing features waiting for you to choose from. It can become a little daunting for you to go over so many options to pick the best convection microwave oven that justifies the price you pay for it. 

    Based on the requirements, here is a list of factors you need to keep in mind while buying a microwave at the best price. But first, let’s look at the types of microwave ovens available in the market.




    Types of Microwave Ovens

    These microwave ovens are entry-level models that are best used to reheat food, defrost frozen products, and cook instant food items.


    Grill microwave ovens have similar basic features as those of solo microwave ovens. However, they have additional grilling features as well.


    Also known as an all-in-one microwave oven, it is ideal for baking bread and cakes, roasting chicken, and more. Moreover, it also provides features like heat, defrost, crisp, roast, etc.




    Features to Observe While Buying a Microwave Oven

    1. Size

    The size of a microwave oven depends on the number of people residing in a household. For instance, while a family of 2 to 3 members would require a microwave oven of about 18 to 20 liters of capacity, on the other hand, for a family of 5 to 8 members, a bigger size of 25 to 30 liters would be suitable.
    Once you have decided on the size of the microwave you require, also decide how much kitchen space you are willing to give up.


    2. Autocook Menu

    You must look for microwaves with autocook menus as this feature can prove to be highly beneficial. For the ease of cooking, you can get a microwave with a number of autocook menus as this will allow you to choose from variety of options while cooking.




    3. Automatic Sensor

    It is an important feature to look for automatic sensors while buying a microwave oven because it will eliminate the need for guessing the cooking food hence avoiding under or overcooking food.

    These automatic sensors help determine the humidity present in the food that you are about to cook and automatically determine the cooking time. This feature makes the microwave oven automatically shut off when the food is perfectly cooked, saving energy consumption. 


    4. Child Lock

    This feature is especially critical when there are small kids in the family. Now, what exactly does a child lock do? It simply allows the users to lock the microwave oven while the food is being heated or cooked so that children cannot open the door. Usually, this feature is facilitated with the help of a code that acts as a password to unlock your device. 


    5. Cleaning

    Some microwaves are designed to have lots of gaps in the interior that can trap oily grease or food particles. This can make it difficult for the user to clean it thoroughly. That is why it is important to select a model that does not have many gaps in its interior.

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