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The technology behind smartphone camera is advancing each day, and LG continues to lead the way with the LG G6. LG has always focused on the development of smartphone camera, as part of its heritage. Past innovations have included Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology, allowing for clearer images. It was first introduced on the G2, and since further enhanced. LG also introduced Laser Auto Focus on the G3, a revolutionary industry-first technology that uses a laser beam to achieve the perfect focus. With these and many other past innovations, you can be sure that the camera on the LG G6 is going to continue to lead the trend. 

A key focus for LG when developing the LG G6 was balance. Rather than focusing on a single camera feature, LG ensured that all areas would work together seamlessly. Components such as Megapixels, sensor, lens, software and hardware strike a perfect balance that ensures every element of the camera is in sync. This balance is also achieved by combining the best features of the G series and V series into the LG G6. 

An image of LG smartphone camera development from 2013 G2 to 2017 G6

So, what’s new? Well, there’s the wide-angle cameras both front and back, so you no longer have to worry about packing a selfie stick everywhere you go or cramming awkwardly into view for a group selfie. What’s more, with Selfie Mode you have 17 filters to choose from, adjustable lighting and you have the option of creating a GIF by combining multiple selfies. The 5MP front camera boasts an impressive 100-degree field of view, while the 13MP rear cameras include a 125-degree lens. The impressive rear camera specs make it great for landscape photography, by allowing you to capture more of what’s on view. And if you’re surrounded by a picture perfect 360-degree panorama, you can capture it all. You then have the option to save the 360-degree shot as a VR file, or show it off by saving it as a live wallpaper. But if it’s the detail you’re after, the Optic Zoom technology now means you can zoom up to 16 times without noticeable picture quality degradation and the Snapdragon 821 Processor ensures the zoom is smooth and fast.

A back image of lg g6 showing its wide-angle rear camera lens

A front side of lg g6 image showing its new wide-angle front camera lens

The LG G6 also comes with four unique shot modes with the Square Camera feature, so it produces Instagram-ready shots that are creative and fun to compose, all enabled through the 18:9 aspect ratio. There’s the Snap Shot Mode, so you can view your most recent shot while taking a new one using the split screen display. And Match Shot allows you to create a collage of two images, so you can share the before and after of your recent DIY project. Or if you want to capture more of those precious holiday moments, where one shot just doesn’t do it justice, there’s Grid Shot, that lets you combine a mix four shots and/or three second video clips. Finally, there’s also the Guide Shot, a smart and creative feature that matches the composition or your chosen image to act as a guide for your next shot. With the LG G6’s native Square Camera feature you no longer have to rely on downloading third party apps to create your collages.

An image of person holding lg g6 to take photography with new square mode feature

A GUI image of new lg g6 smartphone camera's square mode.

With a camera this advanced, you would think it would be complicated to use, but that’s really not the case. Despite the multitude of camera features on the LG G6, it’s really simple to navigate and if you want more control, well you can set the LG G6 camera to Manual Mode. Manual mode features Compass Levelling – a levelling guide that helps you set frame images – and allows you to save images as RAW files for more editing freedom. Also in manual mode is the highly impressive Focus Peaking feature, this feature lets you focus on both the foreground and background simultaneously.

LG G6 Camera Gallery

What about video recording? There’s plenty of great features, like Hi-Fi Video Recording, giving you clear sound, even when filming within environments with loud background noise. The feature also allows you to record up to 132db, that’s equivalent to a stadium filled with people cheering! There are two High AOP (Acoustic Overload Point) mics allow for high definition audio recording with a wider dynamic range, and this feature is also available for voice recording. Steady Record 2.0 stabilises shaky recordings, while Object Tracking Auto Focus helps you capture moving objects. Plus, the LG G6 uses Multi-frame synthetic technology to reduce noise when filming in low-light environment, so you get less grainy and clearer video recording. What’s more, you can adjust the video quality setting and even take it up to UHD resolution. And the video editor makes the editing process really easy, so you can upload your video in just a few steps.

An image of lg g6 smartphone camera showing hi-fi video recording feature
An image of lg g6 smartphone camera showing hi-fi video recording feature

Finally, there’s some great video recording modes, such as Beauty recording, which allows you to capture selfie videos using the front camera, and even before you’ve started recording you can adjust the lighting and apply filters. There’s also Time-lapse, Slow-motion and Snap Video modes. Snap Video allows you connect short clips into a one minute video.

It’s clear the camera on the LG G6 has a lot of great features to be excited about, from its wide-angle front and rear cameras, Optic Zoom, Focus Peaking Mode, fun Square Camera modes and a whole lot more.

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