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We all want more from our smartphones. But what we desire most, above all, is that our phone is safe to use and is long-lasting. Will it be able to take harsh weather conditions? Will the screen shatter and be rendered useless if it gets dropped from a considerable height? All these are important questions that us, as today’s consumers demand answers to when buying a new phone. The G6, LG’s premium smartphone answers those questions, putting your mind at ease.

An infographic image of lg g6 durability test

To make sure that the LG G6 has the safest battery and is the most durable smartphone in the market yet, the LG ensured that the G6 underwent a series of no less than 20 battery tests at their Battery Evolution Lab at the LG Digital Park – conditions even more stringent than other smartphones need to pass. For example, the LG G6 was tested in temperatures that were 15 percent higher than those in international standards battery heat exposure tests. 

The objective of these tests was to ensure that the LG G6, while being a small phone with large battery capacity, is still safe to use and will in no way cause harm to the consumer. The other aim was to prove the durability of the phone with rigorous procedures like the drop, impact, and water resistant test.

So what were the different kinds of battery tests that were conducted on the LG G6? And why are they so important to this phone? First and foremost, any handset that failed even one of the following trials would not be released under any circumstances.

Out of all the battery tests conducted on the LG G6, there were four for which the acceptance criteria was “no ignition or explosion”, something that as consumers, we are only too aware could happen to a smartphone today.

  1. The shock test used a 15.8mm iron rod which was placed on the battery. A 9.1kg weight was then dropped on the battery from a height of 61cms.
  2. To ensure that the LG G6 passes its pressure test, the battery was compressed under 13kN of pressure.
  3. A sharp nail was used to penetrate the battery at an increasingly high speed – with no ignition or explosion.
  4. Finally, the battery was exposed to 15 percent higher temperatures than international standards (130°C) in the heat exposure test.

The LG G6 also has a “battery heat control” feature through which the internal temperatures remain controlled thanks to the “heat pipe”. 

Battery heat control

The above were just a smattering of battery tests conducted, among various others such as the Fire Debris Test, X-ray Analysis, Battery Decomposition Analysis and some more. But it didn’t end there. The LG G6 went through quality control via 5,000 hours of intense scrutiny. Quality tests such as these ensure that both the software and the hardware of the handset are not only tested, but are also of the best quality they can be. All of us who use smartphones are aware of how we treat them once the novelty vanishes. We mistreat our handsets by dropping them more than a few times – the “military tests” that were conducted at the LG Park ensured resistance to hundreds of repetitive impacts.

The drop test, in particular, was used to ensure the phone is one of the most robust ever. The tests were also repeated in various angles to mimic the battering the phone takes on a daily basis. The intense testing that the phone was required to undergo concluded that the phone is durable enough even for military operations!1

An infographic image of lg g6 passed 14 durability test categories
An infographic image of lg g6 passed 14 durability test categories

Finally – the cherry on top – the LG G6 underwent the famous “Rube Goldberg Machine”, which showcases a series of connected “dominoes” and shows that the the LG G6 come out completely unscathed. The video underlines the G6’s IP68 rating for water and dust resistance2, as well as its drop resistance and temperature resistance abilities. Check out the behind the scenes testing in the Rube Goldberg Commercial here.

1. Passed 14 different MIL-STD 810G Tests for durability conducted by an independent laboratory in U.S. that conforms to U.S. military standards. Device may not perform as tested in all conditions. Test performed in controlled environment. Do not attempt. 
2. Tested under controlled laboratory conditions with a rating IP68 under IEC standard 60529. Do not charge the device when wet or after having been exposed to moisture. Please rinse, wipe, and dry with dried towel after exposure to liquids.