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Audio for Gaming

Sound is central to the gaming experience. Feel the engine roar as you burn up the track or hear the crack of a twig when sneaking up on an enemy. Combine sophisticated audio with next-gen consoles and state-of-the-art TVs for the ultimate gaming experience.

LG premium soundbars are optimised for Dolby Atmos and engineered with Meridian Audio. Build the perfect set-up of audio for gaming to take your battles to the next level.

Why choose a Soundbar for Gaming?

Have you ever been to the cinema and dreamed of plugging in your console to the big screen? With the best soundbar for gaming, you can create the next best thing.

Modern games on next-gen consoles are cinematic. Emotional cut scenes. Big-budget soundtracks. Fast-paced, thrilling action. Achieve cinematic audio and hear it how the developers intended with a premium soundbar set-up.

How does a soundbar
improve gaming?

A soundbar introduces additional speakers to your TV’s audio set-up without taking up tons of space. More speakers mean more power for a greater depth of sound. Feel the room shake as spaceships fly overhead and experience the full might of a booming soundtrack.

An array of channels and high power output combined with the cutting-edge surround sound of Dolby Atmos recreates a cinematic gaming experience at home. Dialogue is clearer, explosions sharper and tension unbearable. Modern soundbars capture all the little nuances for a more realistic audio experience.

Sound that keeps up with the action on screen is essential. LG premium soundbars include 4K Dolby Vision Pass-Through – meaning the full 4K Dolby Vision image is passed to the TV should you choose to connect your console directly to the soundbar.

Choose a soundbar for gaming for:

  • Realistic video game audio
  • Powerful depth of sound
  • Immersive audio experience
  • Three-dimensional sound
  • Optimised for next-gen consoles

Engineered by Audio

Meridian Audio – one of the biggest names in Hi-Fi – distils decades of engineering expertise into each of our premium LG soundbars.

The result? Atmospheric effects and room-filling sound informed by Meridian's psychoacoustics work. This analyses how we hear sound to recreate the listening experience more realistically.

Bespoke and expertly crafted audio technology makes your gaming sessions more immersive. Expect room-shaking bass and sound that smacks you square in the face, adding that extra kick to the latest beat ‘em up.

Dolby Atmos

Soundbars deliver 360 audio

TV with soundbars

Fully immerse yourself in fantasy worlds with LG Dolby Atmos soundbars. Sound flows all around you to get the absolute best from compatible games.

Our range of LG premium soundbars supports cutting-edge Dolby Atmos technology to recreate that cinematic experience when you’re gaming at home.

From piercing bolts of lightning to thundering fighter jets, you can pinpoint the precise location of in-game sounds with an Atmos soundbar. The next step on from surround sound, three-dimensional precision places noises all around – overhead, behind you and to the side. Identify whether those sounds are big or small and react faster.

How does gaming with Dolby Atmos work?

Simply activate Dolby Atmos on your Xbox Series X and pair it with an LG Dolby Atmos soundbar or TV. Then strap in and feel the immersive power as sound moves freely around – whether it’s a cheering crowd in a football stadium or the engine roar on a racetrack.

Dolby Atmos enhances your audio-visual experience when gaming as it separates sound from traditional channels. It brings in 3D audio with LG premium soundbars as upward-firing speakers bounce sound off your walls and ceiling to give the effect of noise above, behind and all around you.

Current games optimised for Dolby Atmos include Gears 5 and Call of Duty Warzone.

4K Gaming Demands High-Quality Audio

Games on the Xbox Series X deliver audio quality that matches their stunning 4K HDR graphics. The next-gen console’s Spatial Audio feature enables gamers to pinpoint objects in a 3D environment and delivers realistic acoustics.

Full support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X improves the sound performance – recreating it as the game creators intended in your home with an LG soundbar. 4K Pass-Through ensures smart connectivity, so audio remains in sync with the high-quality graphics and action on screen.

Unlock the full potential of the biggest titles and hear them as the developers intended by pairing your 4K HDR TV with the best soundbar for gaming.

LG Soundbars for Gaming

Boost your audio for gaming with one of our premium LG soundbars developed in collaboration with Meridian Audio and featuring Dolby Atmos and DTS:X Sound.

LG SN11RG Soundbar
LG SN7Y Soundbar


A high power output (770W) and 12 channels (7.1.4) makes the SN11RG our most powerful gaming soundbar. The wireless up-firing rear speaker improves immersion levels when gaming, adding an extra dimension of sound all around you. AI room calibration determines your room layout and automatically configures settings for the clearest audio.

Get the SN11RG


Enjoy an enhanced audio-visual gaming experience when you pair the SN7 soundbar with an LG TV. Six channels (3.1.2) and 380W output deliver powerful audio for any gaming set-up. Smart connectivity means it can hook up to the LG SPK8 speaker kit to further boost your audio power (5.1.2) for more immersive gaming.

Get the SN7Y

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