LG XBOOM 360 XO3 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Sound - Charcoal Black

LG XBOOM 360 XO3 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Sound - Charcoal Black


LG XBOOM 360 XO3 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Sound - Charcoal Black

Front angle with yellow lighting on
An image of a woman sitting on a sofa listening to music with an XBOOM 360 in front of her.

Dive into a 360° sound experience

Authentic 360° sound all around

The XBOOM 360 XO3 is a stunning piece of audio engineering that will change the way you experience sound. Wherever you place the speaker, the synergy of LG's omnidirectional 360° sound technology and the device's aesthetic design delivers a natural and consistently high-quality audiovisual experience.

Image of sound waves spreading around XBOOM 360 X03 on the table in the living room space.

Experience LG’s patented 360º sound technology

Conventional speakers with single or multiple drivers project sound into a limited degree of space. Sound beyond those parameters is subject to distortion, making audio sounds only accurate from a specific sweet spot.
With LG's patented* technology, an optimal reflector structure allows sound to disperse evenly and equally in every direction. Therefore XBOOM 360 XO3 brings you the best recreation of the original audio wherever you may be; with low distortion across the tone, clarity, human voice and even sound spatial.

Image of a sound waves XBOOM 360 with orange arrows on the left and right sides of the reflector and sound waves spreading around the arrow.

An image that compares the sound wavelengths of conventional directional sound and conventional omnidirectional sound with the sound wavelengths of LG's Authentic omnidirectional sound.

*Patent pending : PCT/KR2020/012965, PCT/KR2021/009440,2021-0093216
**Omnidirectional sound by speaker with multiple drivers
***Directivity pattern horizontal test was conducted by LG internally (in laboratory condition)

Perfect sound from premium 3-way speakers

Balanced, Powerful, Authentic. LG XBOOM 360 XO3’s premium 3-way Sound system disperses music in a balanced and clear sound—more accurate treble, clearer mid, rich and deeper bass.
The Clarity Boosting Structure consists of premium materials; silk dome, glass fiber and neodymium magnets, enhancing sound clarity and accuracy. Dual Passive Radiator reduces irregular vibration to reduce audio distortion. And Dynamic Bass Optimizer enhances bass level separately when sound is turned down. Enjoy the original vibrant sound of your favorite music.

"An image of XBOOM 360 XO3 explaining the Structure of the XO3. Showing how XO3 are made with; Up-firing silk dome tweeter, Glass fiber mid spekaer, Neodymium magnet, Woofer, Dual passive radiator."

*Patent pending: 10-2022-0072998 (2022-06-15).

The purple light is spreading over a sihouette of a woman.

Light up your vibe with Emotive 360° lighting

Image of a phone with XBOOM App on it; contains Ambient mode, Nature mode, and Party mode.

Light up your every moment with 9 Lighting Presets

Set the vibe and elevate your every moments through three modes of mood with nine lighting presets

Ambient mode

Music comforts the soul and light comforts the heart. Sit back and unwind in the tranquil glow of steady, stable lighting.

Nature mode

The best way to boost your mood is with the energy provided by nature. Breathe new life into your surroundings with the gradating glow of refreshing colors that alternate at the rate of natural breathing.

Party mode

The stage doesn't make a party, the atmosphere does.
Turn on the light to turn up the vibes and get your groove on with dynamic tricolored lighting.

Customizable Lighting through the XBOOM app

Use the XBOOM app to discover your favorite 360° lighting.
Choose from 16.8 million colors to enhance your immersion and
elevate your experience every time you listen to music.

*UX/UI may subject to change.

Elevate your space with an aesthetic 360° design

The XBOOM 360 XO3's modern vase design enhances its atmospheric lighting and completes its luxurious look, allowing it to harmonize with the mood of any space you place it in. Encased in a smooth premium melange fabric, it looks and fits right at home with the rest of your home interior mood.

An image of XBOOM 360 XO3 on the table with green light on.b

*Colours of product may have a different launch schedule. Available colours may vary by country.

Water drop-shape glass

The water drop shape of the glass throws light aesthetically in every direction.

Detachable fabric strap

Use the strap for easy mobility. It seamlessly blends with the rest of the design.

The music must go on

Because your music should never stop playing before you do.
In every mood and moment, keep music your constant companion without any interruptions.

Enjoy 360° Sound Anywhere, Anytime with Water & Dust Resistant

Bring it to your backyard or take it to your dinner table—enjoy stunning omnidirectional sound at home wherever and whenever you want.
An IP54 water and dust resistant rating means humidity and dust can’t stop you from upgrading the atmosphere everywhere you go.

*IP54 rating is the combination of IP5X and IPX4. IP5X means dust resistant. Products are protected against a limited ingress of dust with the normal operation, but not fully dust tight.

*IPX4 means protection assured against water splashing from any angle. Not advised for heacy rain, beach or pool use.

Ultimate playing time : Up to 24hrs battery

The built-in high-capacity battery can play music for up to 24 hours on just a 5-hour charge.

*Actual battery life varies depending on network connectivity and lighting usage.

*Based on LGE internal quality testing, the speaker's battery lasts for upto 24hrs respectively with 50% volume, EQ and LED are turned off.

Make TV sound more immersive with Bluetooth Surround

Connect two LG Xboom 360 XO3 with compatible 2020 or later versions of LG TV and use them to create a surround sound experience. It's simple to set up and gives you immersive audio with everything you watch.

*Speakers must ne the same model (ex. XO3 with XO3, XG7 with XG7).

*Only available from 2020 on OLED, QNED, NanoCell and UHD models.

Made with recycled fabric

UL has validated the LG XBOOM 360 XO3 as an ECV (Environmental Claim Validation) product because it is partly built of recycled plastic — We’re taking a more eco-minded approach to portable Bluetooth speaker production.

An image of XBOOM 360 XO3 showing they are made with recycled fabric.

Eco-friendly pulp packaging

The LG XBOOM 360 XO3 has been certified by SGS as an Eco Product because its internal packaging
has been switched from EPS foam (Styrofoam) and plastic bags to recycled and molded paper pulp.

An image of XBOOM 360 XO3 Box that are used with Eco-friendly pulp packaging.

*Prices, promotions and availability may vary by store and online. Prices subject to change without notice.
*Quantities are limited. Check with your local retailers for final price and availability.
*Available colors and features may vary by retailer, country or carrier.
*Actual colour and dimension may differ from the screen image.
*Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

All Spec


Net Weight

3.2 kg

Gross Weight

4 kg


Warranty Card


USB C type cable





Battery Charging time (Hrs)


Battery Life (Hrs)





Wireless party link (Dual mode)


Wireless party link (Multi mode)


Upgrade Manager (FOTA)




Bluetooth App (Android/iOS)




Battery Indicator


Security lock




165 x 327 x165 mm

Carton Box

219 x 219 x 392 mm


Number of Channels


Output Power

25W + 25W


Power-on mode


Stand-by mode



Woofer Unit

4" x 1

Midrange Unit

2" x 1

Tweeter Unit Size

1" x 1

Tweeter Unit Type


Passive Radiator



USB C-type








Sound Boost




Custom EQ(App)



Bluetooth Version


Aux in (3.5Φ)




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LG XBOOM 360 XO3 - Portable Bluetooth Speaker with 360 Sound - Charcoal Black