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What is The App Store (LG Smart World) on my Smart TV?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015

What is The App Store (LG Smart World) on my Smart TV?


function Function

Otherwise known as LG Smart World, you are able to download a range of applications from games to

newspaper applications. These range in prices. If you want to download applications with a price, you will need

to sign up via as you will need to enter your card details. Not all the

applications on the website are available for all devices. When clicking on an application you will be given the

option to select Device Compatibility. You will need to sign in but this will then tell you whether or not the device

is compatible (see below).

app store

Also on here you will be able to see if an application requires any particular extras in order to run. In the example above this

game requires both the internet and the magic remote.

Chargeable applications are not available in all countries. please make sure that the country settings in the Smart TV settings

are set correctly to UK.


Game World

Game World is a game specific version of the LG Smart World app store. The same principles apply as they do for the

Smart World apps store.

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