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What are Premium Applications on my Smart TV?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015

What are Premium Applications on my Smart TV?


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In this section you will find all the big brand applications, things such as BBC iPlayer, Netflix and LoveFilm. These

applications are available to all Smart TV users (applications available may differ depending on the device). Some

applications such as Netflix and LoveFilm will require a membership to use; you can register for the services either

via the application or via the functions website.


LG are not responsible for any technical difficulties with applications. As per the terms and conditions (found within the Smart TV

settings on the TV) LG are not responsible for any third party applications and any technical faults need to go through the vender of

that application.


LG are also not wholly responsible for the implementation of new applications, we often have customers asking about why there are

no other’ On Demand’ services other than BBC iPlayer, this is because in order to have an application available there needs to be a

contract between LG and the vender of the application. Without that LG cannot legally add any application to their services. 

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