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How do I adjust the audio video sync on my Smart TV?

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  • Last Updated 05/06/2015

How do I adjust the audio video sync on my Smart TV?

how to  How to
To adjust the audio video sync please go to:

Smart home è Setting è Volume è Screen/Sound sync control


When the synchronsation (sync) of picture and sound is not matched you can directly adjust the sync.

You can adjust the picture’s sync and sound output (TV speaker or SPDIF) by turning the screen/sound sync

control On.


TV Speaker

  - [Varies with the model] Adjust sync of sound that is output from the TV’s internal speaker 
    Faster sound output
when moving towards -,
     Slower sound output when moving towards +.


External Speaker

  -  Control sound sync from external speakers such as LG audio device or headphone, external speakers that

     are connected to digital audio output terminal. 
    Faster sound output when moving towards -, 
    Slower sound
 output when moving towards +. 
    Optical digital terminal must be present.



  - Present picture signal or sound from an external source without any audio delay.

    Depending on the time needed to display the picture on the TV, audio can be output in advance of the picture.

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