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How do I connect Headphones / Earphones / USB to my TV?

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  • Connecting External Devices
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  • Commercial Lite, Hotel TV, TV Accessories, TVs
  • Last Updated 24/05/2016

Connecting Headphones / Earphones / USB

A headphone or an earphone can be connected to the TV.

Connecting to USB



Can use Smart Share and Time Machine feature. Connect the USB port and a USB storage on the TV to

enjoy pictures, music and videos.


Note :

 - Some USB hubs may not work. When a USB device connected to a USB hub is not readable, connect to
   the USB port on the TV.
 - When connecting a USB hard disk, connect to a USB port on the TV.
How To Use

Adjust sound volume withvolume +, -, mute  button on the remote control.




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