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What should I do when my smartphone slows down or an error pop-up appears?

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  • Last Updated 23/06/2015

What should I do when my smartphone slows down or an error pop-up appears?


symptom Symptom

           My phone has started to slow down, and/or I'm receiving an error message.


 caus Cause

            When the data memory (eMMC  / ROM) or RAM used for managing apps is not sufficient, smart phone may slow down or an error message can pop up.


concept Function


            The main memory in a mobile device consists of RAM and ROM.


             1. RAM (Random Access Memory)

                 ① Used to read and write data.

                 ② Go to Setting > Apps > Running to check RAM.
             2. ROM (Read Only Memory)
                 ROM is the memory storage that maintains stored data without any external power source.
                      It plays the role of HDD in a computer. 
                 ② Please go to Setting > Storage > Internal Storage > Available. 
                 ③ Apps are stored in ROM. As smaller the ROM, the less apps can be stored. To write more data, a external SD card has to be used.
                      To manage your memory space, go to Menu > Settings > Apps > select the App > Uninstall

                      or move to the SD card to manage memory.

                       Some apps may not be stored in the SD card.


                       memory    memory    memory


                 ④ When RAM is not sufficient, it will clean the space according to LRU (Least Recently Used) to activate Low Memory Killer (LMK).


how to fix How to fix


             1. Message “Low Memory” pops up and the phone slows down

                 Please uninstall apps to secure space or them to the SD card to secure the memory.

                 ② Go to Menu > Settings > Apps > select the App > Uninstall

                      Or move them to SD card to manage memory.

                      Some apps may not be stored in the SD card.


             2. When the phone slows down or an error message pops up due to lack of RAM

                 ① To use apps that take much memory space, less frequently apps that are running in the background is closed by Low Memory Killer

                      to secure space. It may appear that it is taking more time to run the app due to this process.

                 ② When also an app is opened when available memory is not enough, it also take time to secure memory. 
                      Using the Home key to exit an app without closing it properly can also make the app to take up RAM, thus slowing down the phone.


                  memory    memory    memory


             3. How to secure RAM

                 ① Please use the Back key (memory) to close an app, instead of the Home button.

                 ②  Menu > Settings > Apps > Running > Select running process > tap stop

                 ③ Close running apps among those pre-installed on the phone such as App manager. 
                      Pre-installed apps may differ by model.

                 ④ Install Task Killer from Play Store. It will help to you close apps manually.

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