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How do I use the 360 CAM?

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  • Last Updated 07/04/2016

- The 360 CAM has 2 buttons.  The button below the lenses is the capture button.
   On the side of the device are the power/mode buttons.
- Long-press the power button to turn the device on or off.

■ Connecting 360 CAM to your mobile phone
Connecting through the LG Friends Manager app: Run the LG Friends Manager app to connect to the 360 CAM automatically.
   Select the connected 360 CAM to run the 360 CAM Manager. In 360 CAM Manager, users can use remote photo and video capture, view captured photos and videos, change settings and read help files.
Connecting from the 360 CAM Manager app: Run the 360 CAM Manager App to connect to the 360 CAM automatically.
The mobile phone will recognize the 360 CAM module as a Wi-Fi hotspot (AP) and establish a direct connection. When the 360 CAM Manager attempts to connect to the 360 CAM module, the mobile phone will automatically switch on Wi-Fi and connect to the 360 CAM. With the 360 CAM connected by Wi-Fi, the mobile phone cannot access other Wi-Fi networks. Networks can only be accessed using mobile data.

■ Taking photos and videos
- With the 360 CAM, 360o/180o mode photos and videos can be taken.
- The 360o mode takes spherical photos and videos, whereas the 180o mode takes rectangular photos and videos.
   The Manager app can be used to access detailed resolution and viewing angle settings.

·Taking photos: Press the capture button
·Taking videos: Long-press the capture button
·Stopping video capture: Press the capture button
·Switching between 360o and 180o modes: Press the power/mode button

■  Power saving mode
The 360 CAM provides a power saving mode. Run power saving mode from the device to turn off all functions except BLE and shift to maximum power saving mode. In the Manager app, you can change the delay after which power saving mode will be entered automatically.

·Shifting to power saving mode: Long-press the power/mode button
·Exiting the power saving mode: Press the power/mode button or press the capture button

■  Wi-Fi password
When your mobile phone and 360 CAM are connected for the first time, the connection will be established automatically without entering the Wi-Fi password. When the 360 CAM is connected to a different mobile phone, a Wi-Fi password popup will appear. The initial Wi-Fi password is "00" + the last 6 digits of the serial number. The Wi-Fi password can be changed in the Manager app settings.

■  Resetting the Wi-Fi connection
If you do not have the mobile phone that was originally connected to the module and you are unable to change the password, you can reset the Wi-Fi connection in order to establish a connection. After resetting the Wi-Fi connection, the mobile phone and 360 CAM can be connected without entering a password.
Long-press the power and capture buttons for 3 seconds to reset the connection.

■  Force-close
If the 360 CAM module has stopped operating, or it fails to close normally, the app can be force-closed. Simply long-press the power/mode button for 12 seconds.

■  Resetting the device
Long-press the power/mode button and capture button for 8 seconds. Release the buttons at the second "beep," and then press the power/mode button after 4 seconds.

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