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The Bluetooth audio is choppy while listening to music through a Bluetooth headset on my LG G6

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  • Last Updated 10/09/2018

  Bluetooth audio is choppy while listening to music through Bluetooth headset


  Bluetooth audio being choppy may be due to frequency interference of 2.4GHz range.


  • In case of Bluetooth headsets such as HBS-1100, HBS-A100 that support aptX® HD codec (24bit), Choppy Bluetooth audio could occur when  

   “ Best sound quality” mode is selected due to the large Bluetooth packet size.


  • In this case user can select “Best performance” mode via Connection type option.


  • Usage


  -Settings > Networks > Bluetooth > Paired devices > Device settings icon > Connection type > Best performance








  - User is only able to use this option when the phone is connected with a Bluetooth headset that supports the aptX® HD codec.







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