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What is the brightness boost on my LG G7?

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  • Last Updated 03/10/2018

What is Brightness boost?


Use Brightness boost to boost the screen brightness above the standard 100% level. 


To enable Brightness boost:
1. Open the notification panel
2. Disable Auto brightness.
3. Tap the Brightness icon to toggle
    between Brightness boost and
    Manual brightness.


• Brightness boost turns off
  automatically after a set period of
  time (max 3 minutes)
• Brightness boost is not available
  when using Battery saver or if the
  battery is low
• Brightness boost may increase the
  device temperature and increase
  battery consumption when enabled.
• Boost disabled when:
      - High temperature detected
      - Screen is off
      - Power saving mode on
      - Below 5% battery
      - Outdoor brightness mode




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