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What is the Cine Effect that can be applied to my videos on my LG G7?

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  • Last Updated 17/10/2018

Gallery – Apply Cine Effect


Cine Effect provides professional colour grading options seen in movies, applying LUT (a look up table that
mathematically calculates elements like brightness, saturation, and hue) on videos recorded in HDR10 in Manual
Video and Cine Video mode.


How to apply Cine Effect from Gallery:
1. Open the Gallery app and select the video
    file you want to apply Cine Effect too
2. Tap Edit and select Cine Effect icon
3. Select the desired LUT filter


• The Cine Effect icon will show for videos
   recorded in HDR10 mode.
• You cannot edit the Cine Effect on videos that
  already have LUTs applied. For example:
  Videos recorded with a Cine Effect applied in
  Cine Video mode.
• HDR10 recording is supported for Rear Facing
  Manual Video mode at 30 FPS or lower and in
  Cine Video mode. Not supported for Rear
  Facing Wide Angle Camera.




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