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What is Qremote and what does it do?

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  • Last Updated 25/06/2015

What is Qremote and what does it do?


function Function

Universal Remote Control enables users to set up a remote control.

In addition to TV, set-top box, audio, DVD/Blue-ray, air conditioner and projector supported by Qremote, users can easily make remote

controls for other home electronics. Users can register preferred buttons only.


set up Set Up

1. Go to Remote Control Registration and select Universal Remote.

2. Name the remote control and press OK.

3. Click preferred buttons or drag them to preferred positions.

4. Touch buttons to learn and press the buttons of the remote control to be learnt.

  • Have the remote control and the infrared sensor at the top of the phone face each other at a distance of 10cm.
  • Do not touch another zone until the learning is completed.


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