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Using HiFi Quad DAC

  • Accessibility
  • Setting
  • Operation
  • LG Mobile Phones, Mobile Phone Accessories, Smart Watches, Tablets
  • Last Updated 01/08/2017

HiFi Quad DAC

Using Hi-Fi Quad DAC(High Fidelity Quad Digital Analog Converter), You can enjoy high-quality sound close to the original sound with earphones, headsets and speakers connected to the mobile phone.

         How to set Hi-Fi Quad DAC

          1. Connect earphones, headset, speaker, etc. to your phone.

          2. Settings> Sound & notification > Hi-Fi Quad DAC’ or select ‘Hi-Fi Quad DAC’ in notification panel.

             ※ Hi-Fi Quad DAC Automatic adjustment (User can not be changed)

             - According to impedance of each earphones, it is automatically set.

                There are 3 types.(It is for optimum effect)


           Normal Mode (~ 50ohm) : ex) Inbox earphone.



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