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I can smell an odour coming from my LG dryer, what could be the issue?

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  • Last Updated 28/05/2015
I can smell an odour coming from my LG dryer, what could be the issue?


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Does the dryer have a burning or chemical smell?

If any chemicals are being used in the home, such as wall paint, furniture varnish, nail polish remover etc, these vapours/scents can be pulled into the dryer air flow system.
When these vapours pass through the dryer heat system, the chemical properties can change. This odour can pass onto clothing; this will go away.


Do the clothes have an odour?

If the odour was caused by chemicals used in the home (as by the example above) ventilate the area and rewash the clothes. If a washed load is left in the washer/dryer for many hour, clothes can begin to smell like mildew. Rewash them to remove the odour.


Is there a similar odour in the washer?

If there is also an odour in the washing machine, the odour is being transferred from your washer to your dryer.

In order to clean the dryer, use warm water and a soft cloth to clean inside. Run a couple of manual dry cycles to circulate air through the dryer to help remove odour .




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